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  A Brilliant Solution to the Energy Crisis and the Salon/Spa Environment

Brilliant Products offers the only USA made professional silent operation hair dryer to address the concerns of the salon environment. Our mission is to improve the health and wellness of salon professionals and their clients. SILENCE HP, the world’s most quiet professional salon dryer, eliminates unwanted noise in salons, spas and homes. While fossil fuel energy consumption problems remain a constant concern, salon professionals now have an opportunity to reduce their salon’s carbon footprint and eliminate unwanted noise. Silence HP uses two thirds less energy than most conventional turbo dryers. The precise, controlled airflow concentration generated by the Silence HP equals, or exceeds, the heat output of most 1650 watt hair dryers. Amazingly, Silence HP achieves these accomplishments by using less than 545 watts of energy. While the Silence HP has a noticeably different air pattern (which is more focused and less voluminous), drying times are comparable. Additionally, there is an apparent increase in the shine of the hair using the Silence HP. The more controlled airflow is far less abusive to the hair, and does not lift or fray the cuticle, allowing styling products to be more effective. Two models are available: #385 Graphite and # 385i Ionic.

Hair design professionals routinely contact Brilliant Products complimenting us for offering such stylist friendly dryers. Many are amazed at the performance of the Silence HP since they were under the impression they would have to sacrifice styling time for the pleasure of not hearing noise. Many have said that they are actually working faster with the Silence HP because they never have to shut off their dryer to communicate. Productivity increases by being able to discuss and recommend home maintenance products for retail sales while styling hair. Many salon and spas have invested a great deal of thought and expense into how to make their clients feel welcome and to enjoy the experience of wellness and beauty. A visit to a salon /spa should be a relaxing, pleasant experience and should not be ruined by surrounding noises that sound like an assembly line.

Home use is also encouraged for the healthful well being of the entire family, including youngsters and pets. We’ve been told dogs and other pets love to be pampered by the warm soothing effect of the Silence HP.

Silence HP is the “HYBRID” of hair dryers. It is the only brand using a brushless motor, and has eliminated the fan normally used in conventional dryers. Our brushless motor does not produce any carbon dust pollutants, and its reduced wattage requirements eliminate any measurable electro magnetic fields (EMF’s). You can be assured of further carbon footprint reduction by the fact that Silence HP is the only USA manufactured professional eco-friendly hairdryer. Thousands of tons of fossil fuels are saved by not shipping our product from foreign continents for use in North America. The efficiency and durability of these components allows Brilliant Products to offer a lifetime motor warranty. So, while all the foreign made imports are racing to see who can claim the highest wattage use, the USA made Silence HP is the sensible alternative.






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