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  Celebrate EARTH DAY every day with Silence HP!

EARTH DAY is set aside to promote environmental awareness and rekindle public commitment to protect our Earth. We can do this by promoting products that are manufactured with certified organic ingredients, planting trees, making a more concerted effort to recycle, or use solar energy when possible. These are all possibilities that first come to mind.

Another way is to think about the type of appliances we use in our chosen profession, the salon/spa service industry. Specifically, hairdryers. Most manufacturers tout the big number wattage that their hair dryers deliver, hair dryers that consume far more electrical energy than is necessary. A “green” product alternative is available, the Silence HP hairdryer. Silence HP delivers the heat equivalency of 1600 watts using less than 600 watts of energy. And, you’ll be pleased to learn, the entire salon environment is improved because there is NO noise.  It is possible to protect your hearing, reduce stress levels by eliminating the loud noise common to all other hairdryers, and cut your dryer electrical consumption as much as two thirds.   

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LOVE the Planet
LOVE Your Client
LOVE Your Self
Go “Green” with Silence HP
Eliminate Noise Pollution
U.S.A. Made from Recyclable Plastic
Every Day:  Reduce,  Reuse,  Recycle






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