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  A“Green Technology” Silence HP. . . . Not Your Typical Hair Dryer!

Styling and drying hair with the Silence HP is a unique and pleasant experience. Today there is more environmental awareness. There is also a heightened awareness for the comfort and wellness of our salon/spa clients. Most of us who use hairdryers have become so accustomed to noise and big blasting air flow that it is sometimes startling not to experience these two factors when using Silence HP. Those of us who enjoy the luxury of a calming environment immediately recognize the health and wellness benefits to our clients and ourselves. Less noise means less stress. Less stress means a happier body and mind. A happier mind can bring joy to others. (Are you starting to see a pattern here?!)

Most hair dryer companies play the wattage game. They would like you to believe that the higher the wattage the faster the drying time. Excessive air velocity and heat is counter productive. What good is extreme air velocity if it can not be controlled? What good is excessive heat if it creates client discomfort or damages the hair? Wattage is the amount of electrical power expressed in watts. Translate that into using more electricity and therefore more fossil fuels.

Silence HP uses only 548 watts of electricity at the highest heat setting, yet delivers the equivalence of a comfortable1600 watts of heat. Air flow is focused so that it is possible to work section by section to style hair. Many stylists using a high wattage conventional turbo dryer generally move the dryer back & forth rapidly to avoid burning the scalp or scorching the hair. Excessive heat will often dry the outer layer of the hair and not the medulla or cortex layers, leaving styled hair that will not hold its intended shape as long as it should. By using Silence HP and its more controlled air flow that can be held in place, it is possible to thoroughly dry and control the hair, as well as converse with your client. This less stressful salon environment lends itself to increased productivity. Stylists can easily counsel their clients on how to care for their hair and bodies and minds between visits, and recommend what products they should have at home to do so.

As in many American industries, the salon industry is beginning to realize that sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. Hopefully we may soon see many other manufacturers return to more responsible electricity requirements for their salon dryers. However, unless they return their manufacturing to the U.S.A., they will never be as “GREEN” as they can be. For no matter how little electricity they eventually commit to use, they will always need to use tons of fossil fuels to bring their products to America. There is only one “GREEN TECHNOLOGY” hair dryer! SILENCE HP, happily….. “MADE IN U.S.A.”.







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